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Stoper C2 X 2 - Mototolo Mine, Mpumalanga (Internal & External Vacancies)

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Full Time Permanent
Mototolo Mine

Purpose of the role

A Stoper fulfills a shift role in a stopping area underground to ensure a safe quality blast per day. Responsible to ensure that rules/regulations and management specifics pertaining to daily tasks are complied with, and to deal with/report any breaching thereof. Responsible to ensure the health and safety of persons in his/her team and for persons entering his/her area of responsibility.

Work of Role

  1. Before Proceeding U/G – Read Communication Book. Miner to fill in Safe Declaration Appointment (Reg. 2.10.6). Miner to ensure that Comp A is aware of all the hazards as communicated in the Communication Book. Miner to transfer all relevant information over into Safe Declaration book. Office can be the defined as the centralized Waiting Place (as applicable). Miner to plan events and give instructions. (Labour shortages, daily Planning, communicate managerial instructions). Competent A collect Safe Declaration book if full or lost (May not Declare a working place safe if no Declaration book available). Follow-up whether face clean or not. Miner to collect all required keys (explosives, boxes, centralized blasting NSS box etc.). Miner to order explosives and stores (if applicable). Miner to collect briefs, plans, talks topics, or any other requirements for the notice boards. Attendances register to be signed in Shift Supervisors office. Read N/S communication book, do production forecast on the n/s report of the amount of panels available, collect Gang make up, briefs, Plans and special instructions.
  2. Lamp room – Collect Lamp, GDI(Gas detecting instrument) and proceed underground
  3.  Station / Landing - Check material / cars and services
  4. Waiting Place - Clean / safe / barricade in place, appoint Comp.”A” in Safe  Declaration Book for responsible area, collect clock cards and mark gang make up. Check PPE / injuries of workers, collect clock cards and Mark gang make up. Conduct meeting(Safety / production / briefs / labour / leave), confirm daily tasks / plan( ensure material / equipment available ) and check material in store, notice board up to date, all explosive boxes locked/clean, First Aid Box and ventilation as per standard procedure, velocity/ W/B,D/B). Test for gasses and do Fire Drill (monthly) at Refuge.
  5. Safe Declaration - Appoint Comp.”A” in charge at Waiting Place, accompany 1(one) x team per day with Early Examination, confirm ABS P status of panel, confirm acknowledgement of whole crew on status. Confirm defects / hazards rectified/completed in Safe Declaration book, summary of previous shift findings in Communication Book recorded, potential risks identified recorded and communicated and acknowledge Safe Declaration with signature
  6. Ventilation - Test for gasses, Inspect condition of ventilation doors/brattices/ ventilation curtains, check ventilation flow( up or down cast ), rectify sub standards immediately and Check back area ventilation holing’s sealed (only last 2 open).
  7. Face Preparation - Check barring(HW/face/S/walls), replacement of missing/damaged support, all sockets washed/plugged, examine/wash out all M/F’s, F/W washed as per Mine standards and Camlok jacks installed as per Mine standards
  8. Temporary Support - Check spacing/distance from face, 90° installation to H/W, Installation on solid F/W, release handle installation as per Mine standards, Releasing tool available on last camlok and Camlok condition(locking pin/headboard/footplate
  9. Permanent Support - Check support line(elongate/roof bolts), spacing(dip/strike) of elongates and roof bolts, correct installation angle(90° to H/W), correct length cut of elongates, nozzle of jackpot facing back area and Installed on solid/clean F/W. Jackpot fully pumped(not over inflated), installed on line/mark, Jackpot pump and equipment to Mine standards and Cheetah saw to Mine standards
  10. Marking off - Shot holes to be marked off by holder of valid blasting certificate only, Holes to be marked at correct burden(50cm), direction lines (90° to face), all paint lines( highway lines/ref. lines/perimeter lines/support/roof bolt/3m line), rig holes (top/bottom) and Shot holes not close than 150mm from sockets
  11. Safety Nets - Correct size, any damage, Correctly tightened, overlapping ( 30cm ), Installed full width of ASG/panel and proper C/S(hooks to hook the safety net) hooks ( camlok jacks/roof bolts )
  12. Drilling - Test for gasses prior to drilling. Check drilling on mark/direction, drilling on correct dip (not damaging H/W or F/W), drilling full length of jumper, continuously barring during drilling and water pump working during drilling. No drilling if nets not installed
  13. Cleaning - Proper Night Shift preparations as per Mine standards
  14. Charging up - De-sludge all shot holes properly ( 19mm aluminium blow pipe ), quality barring prior to charging up, test for gasses, correct equipment ( Anfo loader with 2 x valves/19mm aluminium pipe ) and quantity of explosives ( 1(one) x load ). Insert fuses in holes (leave gap in front end of hole).
  15. Timing/Blasting - Connect fuses in correct sequence as per Mine Standards, test slave station, test blasting wires, connect blasting wires to Safe Start, lock away all excessive explosives not used and ensure all workers out of place of work. Ensure all barricades to panel/end closed as per Mine Standards
  16. End of Shift (U/G) - Ensure Communication Book completed, all clock cards issued, all control valves closed, waiting and place barrier closed. Miner last person to leave ( labour control )
  17. Office( end of shift) - Hand in Safe Declaration/gang make up/D/S N/S communication/explosive keys/all other keys, report on production (achieved/not achieved), all incidents, all material required, declare shift clear and sign off
  18. Measuring (during shift) - Face advance daily (top+bottom+ASG). Plot advance daily on plan. Measure sweepings from face, all support from face, all other services daily ( A+W/pillar/ventilation controls/mono winch/face winch) and Best cut (daily )
  19. Supervision Points - Ensure do Panned Task Observations, on the job training, Visible Felt Leadership, problem solving/Grievances, action on substandard work, Safety, Station, Services, Sleepers, Spillage, Sludge, Storage and Stope Entrance/ Rail Switches
  20. Maintaining good employee relations. - Effective two way open communication with team. Develop a relationship based on mutual trust and mutual respect with logistics supervisor and other service suppliers. Ensure that panel team works in a safe and healthy environment. Ensure that team members have clear work expectations and plans from day to day and week to week.

Qualifications, experience, knowledge and skills:

  • Grade 7 or ABET 3 numeracy or literacy
  • Experience as a stopper or equivalent
  • Trackless mining experience
  • Passed blasting certificate
  • Passed Stopper specific training modules
  • Passed area specific training modules for Stoper
  • Passed basic stope equipment maintenance modules

Knowledge of Legal Requirements:

  • MHSA Chapter 14 (Protection in workings)
  • Minerals Act Chapter 8 (Responsibility in workings)
  • MHSA Chapter 9 (Occupational Hygiene)
  • MHSA Chapter 22 (Schedules)
  • MHSA Chapter 23 (Reporting of accidents)

Physical Requirements

  • Certificate of fitness

Additional Information:

Anglo American Platinum shall apply the Employment Equity principles as set out in Anglo Platinum’s Employment Equity Policy.

  • Incomplete CV’s and /or applications will not be considered. 
  • Application will not be considered without a valid copy of the qualification and/or the license required for this role. 
  • Interested Internal candidates can apply as follows: click on EUREKA! / Tools / Job Opportunities / Click on “Search Here”/ Enter the reference number or job title and continue to apply
  • Interested External candidates can apply as follows: / Careers/ Job Opportunities / Click on Apply/ Job search / Enter the reference number or job title and continue to apply
  • If you do not hear from the Company within 21 days after the closing of the advert, please consider your application to be unsuccessful.


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Closing date:     18 June 2019 

Advertised: South Africa Standard Time
Applications close: South Africa Standard Time

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